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6' to 18'  Feather / Flutter / Teardrop / Blade / Rectangular

Solid color / Messages / Custom

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We are an authorized dealer for several manufacturers & can supply many more flags, flagpoles and related products in addition to those shown on this website.  Click here for links to the complete catalogs or websites of several other lines we carry or call us at (412) 341-3524 or email us at TheFlagFactory@aol.com



Made in U.S.A.




Click on image to order your own "Dont Tread on ME" personalized 'Gadsden' flag



"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue ....."

In 2015 his ships visit Pittsburgh !

"Britsburgh": The British flag in Pittsburgh's Black & Gold

Tour replicas of the Nina & Pinta when they visit Pittsburgh Oct. 1 - 12

This flag was used by the captains of Christopher Columbus's ships in 1492. The F & Y are for Fernando & Ysabel, the king & quieen of Spain

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