The Flag Factory is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers & can supply many more flags, flagpoles and related products in addition to those shown on this website.  Links to the complete catalogs or websites of several other lines we carry are shown below.

For more information about any of these products or to place an order for them, please call us at (412) 341-3524 or email us at

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Annin Flagmakers

Oldest & largest flag manufacturer in the U.S.A.  Founded in 1847, Annin flags have been associated with many historic events, including Lincoln's funeral, Iwo Jima and the Moon landing.

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Eder Flag

This employee-owned company is the largest U.S. manufacturer of both flags & flagpoles, making flags since 1903.  Eder's 194-page catalog contains an extensive assortment of flagpole parts and flag-related accessories.

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Valley Forge Flag

A leading producer & supplier of flags to the military. Founded in 1882, Valley Forge has been making flags since the 1920's, including many of those flown during WWII battles and carried on space missions.

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Concord American Flagpole

Manufacturer of aluminum flagpoles since 1947.

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PLP Composites

Manufacturer of residential and commercial fiberglass flagpoles for over 40 years.

Internal-halyard, external-halyard and nautical flagpoles.


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Showdown Displays

Headquartered out of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Showdown Displays is a privately held, domestic manufacturer and supplier of visual communication, event and display products. Showdown Displays markets its services and products to the Advertising Specialty and Promotional Products industries. Showdown Displays provides display solutions by being the industry leader in portable signs, displays and banners.