Here are some of the ways to display these 3 ft x 5 ft message flags

On a temporary pole on the lawn:

(Click here for poles)

On a portable pole anchored by vehicle:

(Click here for poles)

On a pole on the wall of the property:

(Click here for poles)

On a permanent flagpole:

(Click here for poles)

Scroll down to Create your own Custom Message Flags

Customize your flag with your own message including a choice of 2 colors and your own message in black text on white middle stripe.

3' x 5' Flag with CUSTOM COLORS & MESSAGE (3 stripes)

Click here for unique custom flags & banners

  • Any size
  • Any quantity
  • Any design
  • Unlimited colors

May include:

  • Your logo
  • Your text message
  • Your photo and/or
  • Special artwork.